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Edgar Arias - Stuck in a Dream, 2012




Triple Hand Stack. Woodcut print 9” x 12”



Matija Blagojević   |   http://matijablagojevic.com

I was born in Kraljevo, Serbia in 1988. I completed Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac at the Department of Graphic Design. Since 2007 I have been actively engaged and participating in all artistic and cultural happenings. I’m the winner of various national and international awards for projects in the areas of packaging design and graphic design. Furthermore, I’m the founder and director of “216 design fest.’’

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Aki Inomata’s | Crystalline 3D Printed Hermit Crab Shells are Inspired by the World’s Architectural Wonders

Inomata starting thinking about the transitory habits of hermit crabs and their shells when the French Embassy moved in Tokyo and its land transitioned from French to Japanese ownership and then back again. Since hermit crabs often switch shells (and they can go back to a shell chosen earlier in life), the artist compared the two issues. She used 3D printing technology to design crystalline shells inspired by architecture to illustrate the concept.

First, Inomata CT scanned unoccupied shells abandoned by the hermit crabs to gain insight in their interior shape. The files were then manipulated with 3D modeling software, and combined with architectural shapes, including Tokyo-style buildings, French apartments, casinos and even delicate flowers. The designs were 3D printed in clear plastic to lend them a jewel-like aesthetic that displays the colors of the crabs inside. The hermit crabs were then presented with the plastic shells, and they could choose their own homes.

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ladybird and the icelandic poppy by knitalatte11 on Flickr.


Haifa Port

by Or Shaaltiel




Sam Soulek   |   http://soulseven.com

Angie’s main goal was to stand out from their competition on the shelf. This meant giving them a facelift, but more importantly an attitude adjustment that would make people smile. We refreshed everything from their logo to their packaging, and created a new brand language that was delightfully different from everyone else in the seriously crowded snack aisle.

Soulseven is the creative studio of Samuel J Soulek, who resides in the great Midwestern city of Minneapolis. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, specializing in logos, identity systems, branding, retail, packaging, print collateral, advertising, illustration and beer bottle cap crafts. Whatever the challenge, my goal is to help elevate my employer or client’s potential through smart ideas, clear speak and solid design.

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